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Welcome to Asha Child Health Care Center Pune

Our center is committed to providing comprehensive and compassionate healthcare services that prioritize the well-being and development of every child.

What we do

About child Health care professionals

Ensuring Optimal Health:

We aim to maintain and improve the overall health of children by providing comprehensive medical care, preventive services, and timely interventions.

Promoting Preventive Care:

Educate parents and caregivers about the importance of preventive care, including routine check-ups, immunizations, and screenings. We aim to protect children from illnesses and promote long-term health.

Supporting Developmental Milestones:

Monitor and support children's developmental milestones, offering screenings and interventions when needed. Provide guidance to families and resources for promoting healthy growth and achieving developmental milestones.

About child care

What We Offer

Applied Behaviour Analysis

Applied Behaviour Analysis

The primary goal of ABA therapy is to increase desired behaviours while decreasing challenging or problematic behaviours.

Play Therapy

Play Therapy‚Äč

Play therapy utilises various toys, games, and art materials to facilitate the child’s self-expression and promote healing and growth.

Oral placement Therapy

Oral placement Therapy

It focuses on improving the coordination, strength, and movement of the muscles involved in speech production and swallowing.

Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy ( SLP)

Speech therapy sessions may involve, such as exercises, drills, language games, communication strategies, and the use of assistive devices or technology.


What people say about Us.

Really impressed with the dedication of Himanshu Sir to. Hygeine is good here teachers are cooperative with children.
Jatin s
It's really nice to have these types of centers around us. The staff is very hospitable , calm and humble towards the next one.
M. J. K.
Excellent experience with Himanshu Sir and Team. Have observed good overall progress in my son.
Prashasti S